For Honor

A third-person melee-focused game featuring knights, samurai, and vikings going to war with each other.
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For Honor is a hack-and-slash, musou-style game featuring three different medieval-era factions batting each other for supremacy. The game, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, was first introduced to the world at E3 2015.


In a world slightly different from our own, three factions known as the Iron Legion (English knights), Chosen (Japanese samurai), and Warborn (Norse vikings) have managed to survive. However, an evil warlord will scheme to drag these factions into war to fight one another. The Warden, the Orochi, and the Raider will all have to fight to unite their peoples and destroy the evil warlord who threatens them all.


The game consists of a story mode and several multiplayer modes. In both cases, players will often fight their way through legions of enemy minions to accomplish their goal.

When fighting another named enemy, the "Art of Battle" system comes into play, where each fighter must choose one of three directions either to attack or to parry their opponent's attacks.


Each of the three factions consist of four heroes. Ubisoft has committed to an additional two heroes per faction through the season pass.

Legion (Knights)

WardenVanguardLongswordNoble warrior often seen on the frontlines of battle, can shoulder-charge enemies to interrupt their attack.
ConquerorHeavyFlail and ShieldConscripts and prisoners pressed into service. Cannot feint, but can block and interrupt attacks with his shield.
PeacekeeperAssassinSword and DaggerCan parry some attacks and also cause bleed damage.

Poleaxe (Halberd)

Heavily armored hands of justice among the Iron Legion, can keep opponents off-balance with their weapon.

Warborn (Vikings)

RaiderVanguardDane Axe
WarlordHeavySword and Shield
BerserkerAssassinDual Axes
ValkyrieHybridSpear and Shield

Chosen (Samurai)

  • Kensei
  • Shugoki
  • Orochi
  • Nobushi