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Quick Look: A Mortician's Tale

2017-10-21 16:18 Quick Looks

Alex and Abby team up to learn a thing or two about the Death Industry.

Video Games: A Live Stream From Your Friends @ Giant Bomb

2017-10-20 56:12 Features

Let's link up and play some PC games on the Internet for YOU to enjoy!

Get in the Ring (10/18/2017)

2017-10-19 50:32 Features

Get up to date on the wrestling news while playing a game full of 90s era wrestlers.

Quick Look: Elex

2017-10-19 32:28 Quick Looks

Ugh, it seems like the only games coming out anymore are high-fantasy future tech apocalypse RPGs from Germany.

Quick Look: Gran Turismo Sport

2017-10-18 50:32 Quick Looks

Professional car photographer Jeff Gerstmann teams up with salty retired mechanic Brad Shoemaker to take to the track in the latest Gran Turismo game.

Quick Look: South Park - The Fractured But Whole

2017-10-17 32:16 Quick Looks

Fart your way to the top with all of your beloved and forgotten South Park characters.

Six Crazy Frights - Ep 004

2017-10-17 24:33 Features

Sometimes you're born into greatness. Other times, an evil doctor declares you his apostle and you just go with it.

The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game: Skitchin', Double Dragon II (PCE), More

2017-10-16 06:32 Features

They pumped a bunch of lightly animated cutscenes into this version of Double Dragon II and it's weird/great!

Quick Look: Hob

2017-10-16 33:38 Quick Looks

Sure, you've solved puzzles and cut grass with a sword, but what about doing those things with a giant golem arm?

Quick Look: Gundam Versus

2017-10-15 46:38 Quick Looks

I don't care what the robot's called as long as it's got rockets and a laser sword.